How Much Do Pygmy Goats Cost? Buying Guide


How Much Can I Buy a Pygmy Goat For?

Pygmy goats are popular barnyard pets; their small size and friendly personalities can make them a favorite for families and hobby farmers. As pygmy goats become more and more in demand, you may be wondering how much you’ll have to shell out to get one of these cute, cuddly, and adorable little creatures.

How much do pygmy goats cost? You can purchase a pygmy goat anywhere from $100 to $800. A pygmy goat that is registered with the national pygmy goat association and has a proven pedigree may be more expensive, ranging from $300 – $800. 

While the price range for a pygmy goat may seem wide, you can usually find farm-bred pygmy goats for around $100. That’s a good price for a cute and friendly little barnyard pet! To learn more about how to purchase and care for pygmy goats, keep reading!

What is a Pygmy Goat?

Pygmy goats are small goats, usually considered to be miniature. While the average full-grown goat can weigh anywhere from 100 – 300 lbs (45 – 136 kg), a pygmy goat weighs about 25 – 60 lbs (11 – 27 kg). Likewise, while an average goat has a height of about 20 – 23 inches (50 – 58 cm), a pygmy goat ranges in height from 15 – 20 inches (38 – 50 cm). Originating from Africa, pygmy goats are small in size, hardy, and usually have friendly and quirky personalities.

What Are Pygmy Goats Used For?

While pygmy goats are cute and cuddly, farmers can profit from them in many different ways. Here is a list of ways you can use your pygmy goats:

Barnyard Pet

Pygmy goats are popular barnyard or backyard pets. Their small size means that they can live in a relatively smaller area than most livestock. Many people keep their pygmy goats in their backyard or in a smaller fenced off area. Pygmy goats can be great joy and entertainment for a family or kids. These goats are relatively friendly and smart, making them the first choice in small livestock for most people.

If all you want for your pygmy goats is for them to be a backyard pet, you can find a healthy mix-breed goat for around $100. An important thing to note is that goats are herd animals and it’s best to purchase them in at least pairs of two. This way, your backyard buddy will have a companion to keep them company. The expense of two goats should be factored in if it is your first time acquiring a goat.


While pygmy goats may be cute and cuddly, they are often bred for their meat. Even though they are small, these goats produce a lot of meat and muscle. Since their bodies are more compact, you can usually get a good amount of meat from them. However, many people may avoid thinking about this since their pygmy goats are more like their pets!

Milk Production

If you want milk-producing livestock, try pygmy goats! While these goats may be small, they can produce about 2 quarts (1.9 liters) of milk per day. Goat milk also tends to taste much creamier compared to cow milk, due to butterfat. On average, a gallon of whole milk from a cow will only have about 3.5% of butterfat while goat milk can have 5 – 11%.

When it comes to purchasing a goat for milk production, this is where you may spend a little bit more money on a pygmy goat. You’ll want to purchase a goat that is healthy and has good bloodlines. You can get a good dairy pygmy goat for around $300.


Pygmy goats are also another popular choice for small livestock breeders. This is because pygmy goats can be bred year-round, with a gestation period of about 150 days. On average, pygmy goats have two kids per gestation, making them high-yielding livestock.

Pygmy goats reach maturity after about 6-9 months while cows don’t reach maturity until about 15 months. It can also be easier to manage a trip of pygmy goats compared to a herd of cattle. A group of pygmy goats demands less space and forage compared to a head of cattle.

If you plan on running a pygmy goat breeding operation, you’ll want to invest in goats that are registered with the National Pygmy Goat Association and who have proven bloodlines. You may find these quality pygmy goats for $300 – $800.

Where Can I Buy Pygmy Goats?

When it comes to finding pygmy goats to purchase, there are many avenues you can take. Keep reading to learn where you can find pygmy goats and how much you can expect to spend.

Online Marketplace Channels

The great thing about the internet is it helps you find pygmy goats for sale! Social media platforms and online marketplaces are becoming more and more popular when it comes to finding livestock for sale. If you’re looking for pygmy goats, I recommend checking Facebook’s local livestock groups and the Craigslist farm & garden section. You may also be able to find local livestock classifieds websites to browse through,

Pygmy Goat Breeders

You can buy pygmy goats directly from a pygmy goat breeder. While purchasing from an NPGA registered breeder may be more expensive, you’ll at least be able to track the pedigree of your goat and know more about their health and personality traits.

Livestock Auction

A great way to find pygmy goats is to visit local livestock auctions and sales. At these sales, you can usually view the livestock beforehand to decide which animals you’d like to bid on. It’s important to decide how much you are willing to bid on a pygmy goat before you go to the auction, as bidding wars can occasionally increase the price of the animal.

From Friends & Family

An easy way to get pygmy goats is to purchase them from friends or family. Once they have pygmy goats, people will usually recommend them to others. If you have friends and family who rais pygmy goats, ask them if they are willing to sell some goats to you.

Monthly Cost of Owning a Pygmy Goat

As with any livestock or pet, the initial cost to purchase the animal is rarely the only expense you’ll ever have. Before you purchase pygmy goats, it’s important that you have an understanding of how much the goat will cost you on a monthly basis.

The monthly cost of owning a pygmy goat is $30. Overall, goats require little maintenance. They’ll sustain themselves mainly on grass, but their diet can be supplemented with hay, grain, and health supplements. You may also have to purchase bedding for the area your goats like to rest.

Occasional visits from the vet may make your monthly expenses a little higher. Goats may have to see a vet for injuries, vaccines, disease treatment, and health checks. There may also be some goat health maintenance you can do yourself like deworming and hoof trimming.

If it is your first time purchasing pygmy goats, you may spend more initially to put up fencing and build shelter and stands for your goats. You can usually prepare an area for your goats for under $300. Pygmy goats can thrive in a relatively smaller space than most livestock, and two pygmy goats can easily live in an area of about 500 sq. ft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Pygmy Goats Live?

Pygmy goats usually live for around 15 years. This means they can be a good long-term pet. By regularly maintaining your goat’s health with fecal exams, deworming, vaccines, and hoof trims, you can contribute to the longevity of your goat.

Can Pygmy Goats Live Alone?

Naturally a herd animal, a pygmy goat should not live alone. If kept alone, pygmy goats may get depressed and become destructive and loud. It can also cause them severe stress, which can lead to health issues. When purchasing pygmy goats, you should get at least two goats to keep each other company. Pygmy goats can also go out with other goats and sheep to help them feel apart of a herd.

Since they are smaller animals and more at risk of attacks from predators, it may be a good idea to get a livestock guardian animal for your pygmy goats. To learn about different livestock guardian animals, click here.

Can Pygmy Goats Live in a House?

As cute as they may be, it is not a good idea to keep a pygmy goat inside a house. Pygmy goats tend to poop and pee more than most animals. They also love to jump and climb, which can cause destruction throughout your house. While you may be tempted to bring your goat indoors during cold days, pygmy goats are extremely hardy and can do well in the cold.

Pygmy goats can be a great addition to your barnyard or backyard. I hope this information was helpful to you in preparing for your pygmy goats. Before you purchase goats, it’s important to know about any health risks they may face. Did you know that goats can get fleas?! To learn more, check out my article Do Goats Get Fleas? Essential Goat Care.


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